If you have kids, you know how impossible it can sometimes be to get them to eat certain foods. Oftentimes, pasta sauce, oatmeal and especially anything green are all off the table. But one mom shared her pro-tip recently that uses stickers and a side of deception to get your kids on board with broccoli.

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Jane Stine said that when she goes to the grocery store, she brings a roll of character stickers with her and puts them on her groceries as she goes. You know how kids love character cereals and, as Stine noted, Paw Patrol yogurt? Stine claims you can get your kids to eat something if they associate it with their favorite characters and shows.

"Today we’re having Winnie the Pooh brand spaghetti squash," Stine wrote. "It goes perfectly with Toy Story broccoli."

Sounds like an easy fix, right? Well, Stine claims it works. Are you willing to put it to the test with YOUR kids and see if stickers are really the key to less grief? If you do, make sure to let us know!

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