Just hours before the Mohawk Valley region was set to hit Phase 2 of Governor Coumo's Reopening Plan, the governor is attempting to hit another pause button and delay the opening of 'hundreds' of local businesses who were planning to open Friday morning. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente expressed his disappointment not only in the decision, but in the lack of communication from the governor and said he would enforce a delay on Phase 2 reopenings in Oneida County.

The Governor pulled the plug on the Phase 2 Reopening Plan at around 7 p.m. tonight (5/28). Picente said "it's outrageous, it's an insult, and shows a lack of respect" for the sudden change in direction to all the businesses who've followed the governor's guidelines. He added that earlier this evening they were informed experts - a doctor from Minnesota and another from London - were going to look at the data to determine if moving to the 2nd phase was do-able.

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At his afternoon press gathering, Picente had stated, ''[We're] right on target for Phase 2. Our numbers are right, our timing has been right, so there is no reason we cannot enter Phase 2 tomorrow.'' At the evening press conference, Picente expressed further frustration saying at no time was the county informed about other "experts" being used to analyze data and make the final determination on phase 2 reopening.

Picente also lamented the fact many local businesses had purchased PPE and other products in anticipation of opening Friday morning. Probably spending money they didn't have in hopes of saving their businesses that have been shuttered for weeks.

When asked directly what his message is to local businesses set to open on Friday morning - should they halt plans, or go forward, as along as they have the proper safety precautions in place - Picente said he'd spoke with Sheriff Rob Maciol and, at least in Oneida County, they would not stop businesses that fall under the Phase 2 category from reopening.

Picente was also asked how other county leaders in the region and upstate were handling it. He said they felt the same way, but it was unclear late Thursday night whether each county had also decided to forgo the governor's delay call, and allow those 'personal service' businesses to open.

When asked about going against Governor Cuomo's reopening plan and 'not following the rules', Picente snapped back: ''We have followed the rules. [Cuomo] set the date and the guildlines and we followed the rules. Now, he's moving the goal posts.''

Phase Two Businesses

All Office-Based Jobs
Real Estate Services
Vehicle Sales, Leases, Rentals
Retail – In-Store Shopping
Limited Barbershop and Hair Salon Services
Rental Repair, Repair, Cleaning
Commercial Building Management

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