They say don't judge a book by its cover, the same can be said for Chef Boyardee's Rice with Chicken and Vegetables in a microwavable container. The USDA has issued a food recall for the product after discovering they were mislabeled.

The 7.5 oz. canned microwavable bowls of “Chef BOYARDEE rice with chicken & vegetables” actually contains Beef Ravioli. It was discovered after the company received several consumer complaints after opening the product. The label also fails to list milk and wheat as among the products.

Look for “EST. 794” on the bottom of the package.

Chef Boyardee 2

The USDA's website has more information on the recall. Government officials will release more specific retail outlets where the products were sold once they are compiled. Consumers are warned not to eat the meals, either throw them out or return to the place of purchase.

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