Miranda Lambert‘s latest single ‘Baggage Claim’ may not be finished climbing the country charts yet, but she isn’t waiting to give fans another taste of her upcoming album ‘Four the Record.’

Through a unique partnership with the makers of the popular iPhone app Hipstamatic, Lambert has debuted the full-length final version of ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ — the album track that, as she told concert audiences a few weeks ago, she hopes will follow ‘Baggage Claim’ into heavy rotation on radio playlists. 

With a seesawing melody and moody mid-tempo groove, ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ finds Lambert in familiar territory, describing just how easy it is to go overboard when you’re ticked off about a breakup. In the first verse, she sings about cutting her bangs with a pair of rusty kitchen scissors, screaming her ex’s name until the neighbors call the police, and drinking to numb the pain.

In the chorus, the spurned protagonist’s mother comes to the rescue, telling her, “Go and fix your makeup, girl / It’s just a breakup, girl / Hide your crazy and start acting like a lady / ‘Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together / Even when you fall apart.” Of course, as she hastens to remind us, “This isn’t Mama’s broken heart.”

‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ is being offered as part of the Big Hipstamatic Show, a contest that encourages fans to use the song as inspiration — and then use the app to “be raw, be bold, be brave” by taking pictures that “show us your extremes.” Lambert will reward the winner with an autographed guitar.

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