We often talk about the indomitable human spirit but how about the will to conquer challenges shown by animals. A miniature horse named Roozer Brewz has battled disabilities his entire 2 year life and has just begun to overcome a big one thanks to some caring and innovative University of Florida vets.

The Gainesville Sun reports that "Roo", 19 inches tall and 75 pounds, was born with limb deformities and has had to walk with bulky bandages around his hooves to help him walk more evenly and to prevent trauma to his skin. Now he has a more comfortable mode of transportation.

His owner, Christine Clark of Kansas City, Missouri, says "Roo" serves as an inspiration.

Clark takes Roozer Brewz to visit at-risk youth and kids with psychiatric disorders and disabilities. Because of his own disability and his "different" appearance, Roozer Brewz has also become a symbol of the anti-bullying campaign.

via Roozer Brewz, Mini Horse With Wheelchair, Looks Adorable While Learning To Walk [VIDEO] - International Science Times.

"Roo" has his own Facebook page which you can check out here. It's adorable.