Meet the newest addition to the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango. The baby zebra, that was born during Stella and appropriately named Blizzard.

Jeff Taylor, park owner says they knew the baby was coming, they just didn't know when. "The day before I looked at her and thought she looked very ready. The next day she had it."

The baby zebra was named through suggestions and Taylor says it wasn't even close. "Overwhelming Blizzard was the most popular suggestion so that's what we went with. I'd rather have to name him sunshine."

Work continues on removing the snow from the 14 acre park but Taylor says "we're in pretty good shape. That made the storm tolerable. When you go out and you have a baby zebra."

You can see Blizzard, his half brother 'Popcorn', born in December and a number of new additions when the park opens in Chittenango on April 29th. "We have about 4 months worth of work to get done in about 6 weeks," says Taylor. "We have a lot of new things including an interactive parakeet encounter. You'll go into a building with about 400 parakeets and they land on your head, your arms, feed off a stick you have. So that's a cool new experience. We're also adding a couple of new cat enclosures and we'll have one of the largest cat collections in the country."

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