Initial autopsy results confirm the body found Sunday off North Main Street in Canastota is that of missing Elizabeth Garrow McDonald. The 19-year-old had last been seen just before noon last Wednesday morning at Dunkin Donuts on North Peterboro Road with her husband. Her remains were found on Sunday less than a half-mile from that location, Madison County Sheriff's officials say.

Sheriff Todd Hood also announced at a media briefing on Monday afternoon that the Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Officer has ruled her death a homicide and determined she died from what is believed to be multiple stab wounds.

Garrow-McDonald's husband, George McDonald Jr., was arrested by police last week on an unrelated probation violation, Hood said, and confirmed that he is considered a person of interest in the case. When asked if authorities had questioned the husband about the disappearance and death of his wife, Hood said George McDonald Jr. invoked his right to a lawyer and to remain silent. The Sheriff was then asked there are currently any other suspects or persons of interest, to which he replied: ''Not at this time.''

Hood also asked Madison County Chief Assistant District Attorney Bob Mascari to address rumors and speculation about the case, calling it ''a lot of false information...from people commenting that know nothing about the case and they're out there to cause trouble.''

''There a reason we don't say: 'This is a suspect, that is a suspect, and this is what we think [happened]. When we're done we'll be happy to answer all of your questions in detail','' Mascari said.

And, Mascari told those spreading false information and reports on social media to ''...Stop. You're not helping the investigation, you're hindering the investigation by putting out things that are wildly inaccurate.''

Regarding hesitation to answer questions that may have come from that online speculation, Mascari said, ''It's just not appropriate to go into all the steps and leads and methodologies that have been employed. That day will come, it's just not today.''



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