The Chairman of the Board for Madison County has declared a State of Emergency for southern parts of the county due to remnants of Hurricane Henri.

Chairman Becker has declared the State of Emergency just before midnight on Sunday due to roadway flooding in the Towns of DeRuyter, Georgetown, Lebanon and Eaton. Though travel in some areas there are set to resume this morning, transportation is still difficult and extreme caution is being urged.

Heavy rain from remnants of Hurricane Henri, along with a heavily saturated ground have caused flooding and flash flooding in those areas. Many areas are not passable and flooded roadways can be very dangerous and in some cases deadly.

Officials in Madison County says the following roads are still closed due to flooding.

The following roads are closed due to flooding:


  • Arnold Rd.
  • Richmond Rd.
  • State Route 13 between Sheds and Hunt Rd


  • Bronder Hollow Rd.
Photo Courtesy of Madison County Government
Photo Courtesy of Madison County Government


  • Wescott Rd.

Madison County officials are advising people not to travel, walk, swim or bike through flood waters. Officials say, "Remember, only six inches of moving water can knock you down, and one foot of moving water can sweep away a vehicle. Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the dangers of flooding."

Several people have lost their lives due to flood waters. The AP reports 22 people died and several more are missing after 17 inches of rainfall caused historic flooding in Middle Tennessee. It was in November of 2019 that a Herkimer County man died after being swept away by flood waters in the Town of Norway. Always use caution.

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