The McRib is back at McDonald's locations in the Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Herkimer, and Syracuse areas.

For this welcome back to McRib week, you can get a free one....if you have a beard.....and if you shave your beard.

McDonald's has partnered with No-Shave November to give out 10,000 McRib sandwiches to customers in an effort to bring awareness to the non-profit which raises money for cancer research. To enter, fans must post a photo on social media with their clean-shaven face:

McDonald's announced that the McRib will be available at all of its 14,400 US restaurants for the first time in nearly a decade.

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The McRib debuted on McDonald’s menus back in 1981. According to Mental Floss, it was pulled from menus in 1985 because of poor sales. In 1994, the fast food behemoth tried again and found greater success with the McRib. In 2005, the sandwich became a bit more elusive, popping up for limited-time spans only.

Rene Arend, who served as McDonald's executive chef from 1976 to 2004, was inspired to create the McRib after consuming several pulled pork sandwiches during a trip to Charleston. He thought the flavor combination “should really go over.”"

The McRib came about according to Yahoo! because of McNuggets. McNuggets were so popular when they were first introduced in 1979 that demand quickly outstripped chicken supply.

The legendary pork sandwich was developed out of necessity. Franchises that didn't have the Chicken McNugget needed a new hot-selling product — and that's when Arend scrambled back to the test kitchen."

So enjoy your McRibs all across Central New York.

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