Something seems to be missing from the North Utica Walmart.

What happened to the Golden Arches? The McDonald's inside Walmart in North Utica is no more. The space that once held the fast food restaurant now sits empty.


A Walmart spokesperson told USA Today, the space won't be empty for long though.

"These spaces have been freeing up over time. We have been and continue to fill them. We’re looking to both restaurants and services that are really relevant to our customers."

Walmart stores around the country has filled the empty spaces with Taco Bell and Domino restaurants while others have added a Ghost Kitchen, that allows customers to order food from several different restaurant brands all in one place.

200 McDonald's restaurants closed in 2020. Over half of those locations were in "low-volume restaurants in Walmart store locations," Kevin Ozan, McDonald’s chief financial officer, said in July.

McDonald's announced earlier this month, they planned to close hundreds more stores inside Walmart locations across the country.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the restaurant industry hard. Several long time, family run businesses have been forced to close in Central New York. On the other hand, several more have opened their doors.

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