Every month we take over a McDonald's drive thru to buy random cars breakfast. Today we were in Washington Mills were someone tried to pay with a counterfeit twenty.

Jennifer Jones, who has worked in the McDonald's drive thru for 12 years has seen a few fake bills in her time but this is the first one she's discovered in Washington Mills. "I could tell it was fake by the feel. It was thicker and heavier than a real bill."

The customer, who was described as a young kid, was told to pull forward while the order was being made but drove off instead.

The McDonald's manager, Jen Powell called the New Hartford police, who came to take a statement. They now have the counterfeit twenty along with the license plate number on the car.


I missed the whole showdown since I was doing a break on the air but I did get to see and feel the fake bill. Although it felt different, I don't know if I would have caught it. It looked so real. But if you look closer, there was no water mark on the bill either.

After 12 years of handling money, Jen knows what to look for so don't try and pass off a counterfeit bill when she's on the job.

Watch the reaction of the customers we DID buy breakfast for.