Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri is announcing the progress of several Utica Prosperity Initiative Projects.

The initiative was crafted after the city solicited public input to determine the community’s top priorities, projects and programs.

Palmieri says as a result, dozens of quality of life projects and programs have been allocated funding

He says work is scheduled to begin on the Uptown Theater in South Utica in the next 45 to 60 days.

Work includes replacing the roof on the building.

The mayor says several other projects have already started or will begin immediately.

To highlight the projects funded through the Utica Prosperity Initiative, signage will be unveiled at various sites throughout the city.

In addition to the Uptown, the first unveiling of signage will be at the following locations:

  • Utica Zoo (for the construction of its Welcome Center)
  • New Children’s Museum on the Parkway overseen by ICAN (for children’s programming)
  • St. Francis DeSales Center (childcare expansion)
  •  Olbiston Apartments Revitalization (affordable housing project)
  • Sidewalks on Culver Avenue (infrastructure improvement)
  • Playground Sidewalks in West Utica (infrastructure improvement)
  • HomeOwnershipCenter (residential rehabilitation program)
  • Utica Place Parking Garage (signage for the garage)
  • Utica Library (infrastructure and decorative improvements)
  • Empowerment Center on James Street (youth development space)

“The Utica Prosperity Initiative is providing our community a unique opportunity to enhance the quality of life for our residents. Through strategic investment, we are promoting Utica’s existing assets; with a mission to make our community an attraction and a destination.” Mayor Palmieri continued, “More announcements and signage will be forthcoming as these projects undergo implementation.”

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