Take your Mario Kart racing to a whole new level when the Mushroom Rally comes to New York.

The Mushroom Rally, popular in London and Tokyo, is go-karting with a twist and it's coming to NYC. You'll get to dress as your favorite Mario Kart character and race for a spot in the national championship in Las Vegas.

The Mushroom Rally will be held in the Bronx for two weekends in October - 19th & 20th, 26th & 27th. The only requirement is you must be 16 or older, at least 4 foot 7 and under 300lbs.

What you get:

    • Ticket for 1 to Mushroom Rally New York
    • Themed costumes included (various characters available)
    • One 10 min. race (two if you win the first)
    • Themed games and activities - 2 hour time limit
    • A multitude of prizes
    • Indoor race track in the Bronx

Get your $65 ticket before they sell out and get more information at Mushroomracing.com.

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