Over 100 businesses have been forced to close in New York State and nearly $30 million in inventory has been seized.

Governor Kathy Hochul promised to shut down illegal marijuana shops around the state as part of her budget. New initiatives were even unveiled in April to provide the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) and local municipalities new authority to take action.

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Task Force Cracks Down

The Cannabis Enforcement Task Force, led by the State Police was created in May to  shut down illicit pot shops and work with landlords to evict illegal dispensaries.

“We are committed to building the strongest, most equitable cannabis market in the nation,” Governor Hochul said. “In order to advance that goal, we promised to expedite the closure of unlicensed cannabis storefronts, and I’m here today to say: we’re getting it done.”

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100+ Dispensaries Forced to Close

Since the Task Force was created, 114 illegal cannabis stores have been padlocked and $29,306,247 worth of illegal substances have been seized from these store.

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Legal cannabis sales are now up 27 percent since May for stores close to the padlocked locations.

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