As they say, "there's no teacher like experience." Brandon Schroeder learned a valuable lesson the day he ignored basic safety precautions and the fact that he lived to share it is not short of a miracle. Now he's traveling throughout New York telling his story.

Brandon is an electrician who survived an arc flash explosion. Rather than contact the utility company, he attempted to move a temporary power feed at a construction site on his own. He shares the details including some very eye-opening pictures at free seminars hosted by Dig Safely New York.

As Brandon learned, ignoring safety rules can lead to serious injuries and even deadly results. There are also hefty fines associated with not contacting the proper agencies before digging, demolishing, drilling, jackhammering, tree root removal and many other projects associated with New York's State Code Rule 753.

What's really insane is that many project accidents could be prevented by simply contacting Dig Safely. In just the first 6 weeks of the year, there have been 22 incidents that damaged underground utilities. Seminars run from 7 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. and include region-specific utility details, lunch, raffles, and several safety presentations. And they qualify as a certified excavator renewal event. Here are some nearby seminar locations and dates. Click the links for online registration.


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