A man who has been pedaling across the country for nearly 3 decades made a stop in Central New York.

Tony Adams has been cycling for 28 years. Just him, his bike, a trailer, and the open road.

How it Began

It all started when his father became very ill. He asked Tony to find his other son and bring him home before he passed. Since Adams didn't have a driver's license he got on his bike.

Amazingly, Adams found his homeless brother and brought him home to see his father one last time. And he's been pedaling ever since.

Trailer Added to Trip

In 2012, Adams built a 750-pound trailer that he pulls behind his bike. It has a bed and a small kitchen inside. There's also a TV but Adams uses his phone to watch movies and shows. There's even a solar panel so he can charge his phone.

During his ride through Central New York, Adams stopped at Ace Hardware in Little Falls to get a few supplies before he moved on.

man biking across america for 28 years
Credit - Little Falls Ace Hardware/Facebook

Pedalling Through Several States

Adams has pedaled through several states, some many times, but he hasn't hit all 50 yet. The ride has taken him through all kinds of weather -  from negative 24 to 116.

TC Congdon spotted Adams' bike outside St Mary's Church while he pedaled through Central New York. He was probably making a stop to get warm.

Credit - TC Congdon/Facebook
Credit - TC Congdon/Facebook

Wherever Adams is cycling to next, we wish him the best of luck. Pedal on Mr Adams. Pedal on.

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