It's a wonderful way to say thank you to the men and women in Rome that bust their butts to keep us safe every day. George DeFazio of Just Archery by George crafted this wooden Blue Line Flag as a gift to the Rome Police Department.

"They watch my business pretty closely," DeFazio said. "The last shooting we had here in Rome, they did a really great job on it and protected a lot of people, so I just think they deserve some recognition.”

This isn't DeFazio's first time crafting something like this flag either. He said he's been an artist his entire life, starting at just 6 years old. Now 67, DeFazio has over 60 years of craftsmanship under his belt.

The Blue Line Flag took DeFazio two weeks to make, but to him, every part of it was worth it.

"It comes from the heart," DeFazio said. "These folks--they do a good job."

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