It's about to go down in Major League Baseball in what could be the biggest drug scandal in sports. The league is planning to hand out 100-game suspensions to about 20 players over performance-enhancing drugs, including Yankee ALEX RODRIGUEZ and RYAN BRAUN of the Milwaukee Brewers.

All the players in question are connected with the Miami clinic Biogenesis, which shut down amid allegations it was providing banned substances to numerous players.

Major League Baseball started investigating Biogenesis and its owner, Tony Bosch, last summer, after players Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon and Yasmani Grandal were suspended for excessive levels of testosterone.

Bosch had been denying he supplied those players or any others with banned substances, but he recently caved, and is now cooperating with the league.

So far he's given them records implicating about 20 players, but it's entirely possible he'll drop even more names as the investigation continues. ESPN has a list of 15 of the players in question. Check it out here.

One player who's been implicated, but may be cleared, is GIO GONZALEZ of the Washington Nationals. He was a Biogenesis client, but sources say he only received LEGAL substances from them.

Do you smell a Hollywood movie in the works if these suspension hold up.  8 men out, try 20.

Sourece: ESPN