What is 8+7? Ask any adult and they'll tell you 15, without even thinking about it. Ask them how they came up with the answer and they'll say they just know.

Before Common Core, kids were taught math with flash cards and memorization. After Common Core, kids are taught with confusing explanations that have most parents scratching their heads.

Michele Larmon's daughter Rayne is a first grader at Madison Central School and this was a Common Core math problem she brought home.

Michele Larmon
Michele Larmon

WHAT?! How is a first grader suppose to understand this and what first grader has that kind of attention span? What adult has that kind of attention span? "It's the most confusing explanation that I have ever heard and I am 45," says Larmon. "You have 8 bananas and add 7 more you have 15! Enough said."

We're not blaming Madison schools or the teachers. Common Core is a state mandate that's causing problems everywhere.

Thankfully my daughter is in college and doesn't have to go through this Common Core crap! Homework at our house would have consisted of arguments, frustration and tears.


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