Looking for some delicious Mexican food in the city of Utica? Luna Mexican Bar and Grill is now open on Varick Street.

You'll find burritos, tacos, quesadillas. dessert options, and more. They have their complete menu on Facebook currently.

The owner Anastasia Ferrone tells WKTV that she has always wanted to own a restaurant and started from the bottom and worked her way up.

“I started out with a food truck and I've always wanted a restaurant. My husband has always wanted to do the bar, and we love Mexican we eat Mexican every day even though we are Italian, so I mean I think it’s just a great addition to this area something it needed”. Ferrone told NewsChannel 2.

The restaurant hopes to have their liquor license soon. Currently the restaurant is open from 5:00pm-10:00pm Tuesday-Saturday for now. Once the bar gets fully operational they will remain open until 2AM.

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