Where's the battery in a 2008 Saturn Outlook? Strange right? Well that's the problem I faced recently.

Here's the setup:

Everyone here knows I am not exactly a gear head. I can change oil and a tire and the basic maintenance, but when I was asked to change out the battery in our sister station's new vehicle, I kinda figured something was up.

I was right.

They (let's call them Tad & Polly) sent me to try to change the battery because they knew what I would encounter and thought it would be pretty funny.

After searching the engine compartment for way too long, I was stumped.

So stumped in fact I had to be shown where the battery is in the vehicle.

So watch the video above to discover where to find the battery in the 08 Saturn Outlook.

And If you have any answers, I'd love to hear them!


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