You know you've had the debate before. What is the proper way to hang the toilet paper - over or under? Luke has your answer.

Personally I have been mandated since birth to hang the TP over the top. Failing to do this would incite the wrath of my Dad, so it's never been an issue in my house.

While Dad was right, it's not just because he said so.

Here's why we now know the correct positioning of the toilet paper roll:

In 2015 a patent for modern perforated toilet paper from 1891 was discovered that finally solved the debate once and for all.

That patent belongs to Seth Wheeler, the inventor of the modern TP roll, and it's his patent that shows the correct way to hang the roll.

You can read the whole story behind the discovery of Seth Wheeler's patent, and see the diagram that proves 'over' is the correct position for the TP roll at



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