Game of Thrones just returned to HBO for another season and you know what that means, spoilers are coming. We've found some simple rules for everyone to follow to avoid the dreaded spoiler.

Instead of potentially fighting with your friends, family and co-workers I went and searched the Internet for simple spoiler rules we can all use.

Here's the basics:

Spoilers have a shelf-life depending on the type of episode. After a certain length of time you can talk freely about an episode. Here are those time periods:

2 weeks after a REGULAR episode

2 months after a SEASON finale.

1 year after a SERIES finale.

Those are the basics, but there are a few more rules you should know. Watch the video above to see the rest of the rules we should all follow to avoid spoilers and make society a better place.

Oh and did you see the new Game of Thrones? It was awesome!



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