In Central New York we know how to deal with snowfall. Most of us have dealt with it our whole lives. Southerners may need a little help though.

If you live in the south the threat of snowfall may seem like Armageddon, but trust me, most Northerners would trade our winters for the tiny amount of snow the South gets in a heartbeat.

If you or anyone you know lives in the Southern part of the United States, keep these tips in mind to survive the dreaded white stuff.

1. Don't panic and sprint to the grocery store to empty the shelves. Unless you're completely out of food and clean drinking water, or you plan to throw a grilled cheese block party there's no need to worry. Chances are that snow will melt in a day or so. Also, there's a good chance you won't get so much snow that you'll be trapped inside for days.

2. Buy a shovel or at least an ice scraper. Keep it in your trunk or in the garage just in case. You don't want to freeze your fingers off cleaning your windshield with a credit card.

3. Clan the snow and ice completely off your vehicle. That means the roof too. Grab a broom and get it all off. This is now a law in NY and comes with a fine of up to $150. Here's what can happen if you don't clean your car off totally.

4. If you're too scared to drive in the snow, stay home or get a ride. This is true for Central New York too. Being too scared or nervous in winter conditions can be hazardous to other drivers.

5. Don't brag about getting a snow day from school or work. We have to deal with this on the regular, for much longer and in worse conditions. Plus our school children can have too many snow days causing them to have to make up the days in the Summer. Be careful what you wish for.

6. Don't complain about three inches of snow on social media. We don't complain when it's windy and raining when Southerners have to deal with hurricanes and tornadoes.

7. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the snow! You don't get to experience this as much as we do, so don't complain or lock yourself indoors. Go out and have some fun. Put on some warm or at least waterproof clothing and make a snow angel, have a snowball fight, create a snowman, build a snow fort, or go sledding down the biggest hill you can find on a piece of plastic or cardboard!

Have fun in the snow, once it's gone, you're going to miss it.


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