Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline, required serious medical attention after being attacked by a turkey. The bird struck a tendon, leaving her struggling to walk.

Caroline shared the not-too-gruesome images on Instagram on Thursday (June 18), but the attack happened on Wednesday night (June 17). While she finds the humor in it, it's clear the turkey did some damage.

"My turkey Al attacked me last night," she says in one video, "and hit a tendon in the back of my leg."

Some further investigating shows that Dr. Cary Gannon was called in to help treat a bite, or at least a strong pecking. Al is one of the turkey's at Brett's Barn, a place where adopted animals live for children to visit that Caroline founded after her niece died. However, he has a bit of a reputation. Way back in March, the man who eventually catches the turkey (he ran around the neighborhood for a while after the attack) shared a video where he tried to do a push-up challenge that vaguely involved the turkey. During that two-minute video, Al is a real jerk.

The circumstances around Caroline's attack are still unknown, but it would seem she first called on friends to treat her. A combination of their medical inexperience and wine prevented them from doing the job properly, so she called Dr. Cary, who can be seen giving the "One Margarita" singer some advice in caring for the wound.

Later Caroline Bryan limps away from a pharmacy counter, having just gotten a tetanus shot. She also required a cane to help her walk. Again, she finds the humor in this, but she's also clearly in some pain.

You can actually find more encounters with Big Al at the Brett's Barn Instagram page. His stories are in a highlight, and one sees this is not the first time he's struck Caroline.

Dr. Cary may get the last word on the matter, however, as she says that Al must be one confident bird (her words were a bit more jocular), because Luke Bryan is an avid hunter and skilled with a bow and arrow. So if the Bryans are seen celebrating Thanksgiving in June or July, you know how this story ends.

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