A few weeks ago I asked you for help picking out a Halloween costume, and since you sent so many great ideas I wanted to share my costume with you.

So first off I had some stipulations. I have a beard and didn't want to shave it so the costume had to incorporate a bearded character.

I was also looking for a suggestion that would work as part of a couples costume, making finding a good, original costume all the more hard.

Well, we actually came up with a pretty solid solution.

Ladies and Gentlemen meet....

The Burger King and Wendy!

Luke Austin, TSM
Luke Austin, TSM
Luke Austin, TSM
Luke Austin, TSM

My favorite part of our costumes is that they were both almost completely homemade by Naomi and myself.

The King's robe is actually my own bathrobe with a cut-up blanket for the white lapel/trim, and a gold shirt I bought at Salvation Army!

The only thing we had to actually buy from a costume store is the Wendy's wig - Naomi didn't want to dye or spray her hair red haha.

Also we got robbed in the costume contest losing out to a Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote duo, but we think ours was way more deserving of the recognition.

What do you think, is the Burger King and Wendy an award-winning costume choice?

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions for our costumes! Your ideas really helped.

I hope you're ready next year when I need your help again!


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