Taco Bell rolls out new and interesting menu items all the time, but when they unveil one that Luke really loves? It's gone faster than you can say burrito.

Of all the crazy new menu items to come out over the last few years, I finally found one that I could get behind - the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

This delicious creation is simply a fried chicken fillet curved to form a taco shell and stuffed with lettuce and tomato. But don't let it's simplicity fool you, it WAS tasty.

'Was' is the key word here, because when I went to get one today, they're gone. Forever.

The manager at the North Utica Taco Bell told me the 'Fried Piper' was only a limited time option and those usually last about five weeks. Since the Naked Chicken Chalupa was introduced in January I suppose that holds true.

That being said I still want one!

Has a fast food restaurant ever introduced a menu item that you loved and taken it away?


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