Love is in the air for Central New York deer.  And while that's great for hunting,  The Department of Environmental Conservation says it's added danger for vehicle-deer collisions. Here's when it may be the worst and some tips on reducing your chances of getting "love struck."

In the deer world they call it "rut season" and combined with more hunters in the woods, the deer are moving quickly and often in panic mode. The DEC says human-deer conflicts are exacerbated by deer overabundance in many urban and suburban areas of New York. Thus the yellow triangle signs on the roadways that warn of deer crossings.

Many tried and true deer hunters believe that peak rut season coincides with the moon's full moon phase. That being the case, 2017 is going to be an extended season that hits full swing November 4.

While you can't control the deer, you can do some things to lessen your chance of making contact with one. A police officer once told me, if you see one there's more.  So if one runs in front of you watch for more to follow. And insurer, Geico offers 7 tips on avoiding deer. For example, when on rural roads and it's safe, drive in the center of the road to allow them more room.

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