Playing football during a Buffalo Winter is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. It's as likely to be sunny and nice as is it to be snowing. But the NFL game Sunday, December 10th was a white out that made it next to impossible to see the lines on the field.

Crews were blowing snow to at least see where the lines were suppose to be.

The lines weren't the only thing difficult to see. The Indianapolis Colts' white uniforms made it look like Buffalo was the only team on the field.

What some may consider blizzard conditions is just another day with Lake Effect snow in Buffalo and didn't bother the fans that filled the stadium. Some were there for free after helping shovel snow Friday, December 8th.

The Bills didn't disappoint, winning 13-7 in overtime. Kyle Williams thanked the 'toughest fans in the world' after the game.


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