It was a devastating blow to nearly 600 Remington Arms employees who found out over the weekend they no longer had a job. One local business is stepping up to help those people with an important need.

The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion, a neighbor of the Remington plant, has decided they will do whatever they can to make sure the former employees and their families can continue to afford their much needed medications. The pharmacy wants to ensure that the cost of prescriptions is not an added stress. The Medicine Shoppe is helping families of Remington workers save on those drugs, regardless if they are current customers or not.

The Medicine Shoppe is taking the following steps to help those fired workers find affordable solutions.

  • Review current medications
  • Research competitive price points
  • Look into manufacturer options
  • Research Good RX and other discount programs to find the best price
  • Provide the best affordable medication solutions to help save money

Steve Pardi is the Pharmacist and owner of The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion. He says, "If we can help alleviate some of their stress by finding affordable medication solutions, we have done our job as members of our community. We are sad and concerned for these families. We are here to help in any way we can."

If you have been impacted by the recent firings and want to take advantage of this opportunity you can call The Medicine Shoppe at 315-894-7283 and ask for Steve or Nick. You can also stop into their location at 10 Central Avenue in Ilion and ask for Steve or Nick. You can also email them at

The Medicine Shoppe will also offer virtual consultations for those who don't live in the Ilion area. The steps this local business is taking to help their local community is just one of several examples of how those in the Mohawk Valley always step up big to help members of their community, time and time again.

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