Don and Nancy Hartman have been in business for over 40 years. The building which is home to The Potting Shed Antiques has been in Don Hartman's family since it was Hartman's Flowers in the 1950s. Now, Don and his wife have made it clear what their stance is regarding the reputation their town has received nationally these past few days.

Many national late night shows have been beating the heck out of the Village of Whitesboro due to the fact residents of the town voted to keep their controversial seal during a vote on Monday night. Here is what Don had to say about the whole ordeal,

I was sick and tired of hearing all the negative that was going on about Whitesboro, and the saddest part is that it was being done without anyone looking to seek the truth. I felt the only thing I could do is to show that we have pride in our hometown, our seal and what it stands for. We wanted to make sure that we also did it in a positive way.

The jokes and accusations being made by national media sources only last long enough for viewers to be amused, but the traditions and values of Whitesboro are forever.

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