The Little Falls Cheese Festival is cancelled for 2020.

The event, planned for July 2020 will not be held due to the coronavirus pandemic. "The Cheese Festival drew in about 6,000 people last summer and it became harder to imagine our vendors or attendees wanting to put themselves in a crowded street festival," said Teri Chace of the Little Falls Cheese Festival planning committee. "Even if the state is opened up in time for our festival, we all feel we have a clear responsibility to the community to ensure a safe event. Cancelling is heart breaking but it's the right thing to do."

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Don't worry. The Cheese Festival will be back in 2021. "Just because we're not holding our festival this year doesn't mean you can't get locally made cheeses and other products," said Chace. "These are exactly the kind of small businesses we should be supporting right now and there are a number of way to this."

All vendors signed up for the 2020 festival are on the Cheese Festival website so you can see what they have to offer and how you can support them.

The Little Falls Cheese Festival is New York State's premier gathering of cheese makers, with various farm produced cheeses, gourmet food and craft beverages.

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