Do you believe in ghosts? If not, you may change your mind after seeing what a Little Falls, New York woman captured on her home security camera.

Carrie Heath lost her mother, Patricia Heath more than three years ago. "I was very close to my mother. When she passed it killed me and I haven't gotten over it," said Heath.

From the looks of it, mom may have passed but she's still close by. Heath saw what she believes is her mother's spirit when she checked the camera notifications on her house one night. "Before my mom passed she told me she didn't want to go. I truly believe she is still wanting to take care of us. She wasn't ready to leave."

Looks pretty real to me. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Credit - Carrie Heath
Credit - Carrie Heath

Second Sighting

This isn't the first time Heath has seen her mother on camera either. She captured another picture, although not quite as clear, back in 2021. "My mother broke her left wrist and would always carry her arm at an angle just like in the pictures."

Credit - Carrie Heath
Credit - Carrie Heath

If that's not convincing or eerie enough, Heath says her family has a thing with 7. "That image was caught at 12:13 AM and if you add those numbers up it comes up to be 7."

Heath is grateful her mother comes to visit from time to time. "I'm just worried she's not resting peacefully."

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