Come on down Lisa Dillon, you're the next contestant on the Price is Right. The Marcy, New York native appeared on the game show and you can watch Wednesday, December 9th at 11am on CBS.

Dillon says after getting her number, being interviewed and waiting in line, they finally got to enter the studio, which isn't as big as it looks. "You'd think it'd be gigantic in there but it's kind of small."

No one knows when or if they'll be called until they hear their name. Dillon says she started screaming and 'running on down.' "You're high fiving everybody and everyone is cheering you on. Its just so loud."

Dillon was the 4th person to be called. But was the Price is Right or was it wrong? She can't say. "I can tell you, you're not going to want to miss watching it."

Dillon can also say, the host Drew Carey was even nicer in person. "He was amazing. The whole experience was something I can now cross off my bucket list"

Watching The Voice blind auditions is something else Dillon can cross off her bucket list. While in L.A. she and her husband went to a taping. It was the same time Blake Shelton was going through his divorce with Miranda Lambert and Dillon says he wasn't as friendly with the crowd as the other coaches. "We were a bit disappointed but we understood."

If Dillon had to choose between Shelton or Carey? "Drew Carey. I never thought I would say that," she replies.

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