Lindsay Ell was writing new songs in Los Angeles when her rental car was broken into. Thieves made off with "about $5K" worth of gear, as well as her wallet, she says.

"Rental car got broken into tonight," Ell writes on Instagram on Friday (Oct. 12) alongside a picture of her sitting at LAX with her belongings — what's left of them — in a plastic bag. "I was walking out of the studio and came up to my car to see glass all over the street. My full backpack got stolen. My wallet. Lost about $5k of gear. Still have my guitars."

Ell shared more details on Instagram Stories, telling fans from the front seat of her rental car that "I have nothing." Particularly painful was the fact that Ell says she lost a song and picture files that she had on her hard drive, which had not been backed up.

However, just hours after the incident, Ell was already finding a way to look on the bright side.

"Stuff is stuff," she admits. "I’m fine. New things can eventually be replaced. New songs can be written. It’s been a long night but tomorrow is a new day. On the bright side, I did however get this fancy new plastic bag purse!!"

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The break-in comes at a particularly hectic time for the Canadian songstress, who is preparing to leave for Europe for scheduled shows on Oct. 16 and 17. Ell's quick California trip has been more than eventful — earlier in the day she found herself stuck in an elevator for the first time.

"My phone died the minute the door closed, right before it jerked and jumped half a floor," she explains. "Made some new friends, talked about life. Realized how dependent I am on my phone. Raquel, Eric and I were complete strangers until our paths crossed today. So, ultimately a good life lesson. Annnnd I guess I get to cross off, getting stuck in an elevator."

Ell is set to headline the final Monster Energy Outbreak Tour of 2018 on Oct. 27 in Indianapolis.

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