Ever wonder what happened to the beer ball and why did it all of a sudden disappear?

The camping season is in full swing. It's also a great time for backyard barbecues and bonfires. There are many times that we don't have a long weekend, and it ends up being a one night party by the fire. How many times have we gotten a half keg of beer and not used it up?

The beer ball could always solve that problem. It was a little over 5 gallons of beer, perfect for those one night get-togethers. The beer ball first started getting popular when it was introduced in the late 1970s. In The Utica-Rome area, the FX Matt Brewery was one of the first, then came Budweiser, followed by Coors and Miller. Price wise the beer ball was under 20 dollars and only cost a little extra for the pump.

Here's how it operated:You would open the top of the box, tap it, and then pour your ice in the box around the ball.

Bringing back the beer ball would be a great idea wouldn't it?  It could become popular all over again.