Let them eat bass, the season is finally here. Tastes vary by what part of the world you call home, parts of the U.S. loves catfish, while others think it's nasty and prefer carp. But almost all agree on the deliciousness of bass. And when it comes to angling, they are one of the top sporting fish, did you ever notice how many TV fishing shows are about bass?

While it's legal to fish for bass year round, keeping them is a different story. Officially, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation sets the season as the 3rd Saturday of June through November 30. Outside that window, it's "catch and release" only in most waters.  In season, you're allowed 5 bass 12 inches or larger in size.

Regulations vary depending on the body of water you're fishing.  For instance, on the Black River in Oneida County, bass only have to be 10" long. And as they say, "ignorance of the law is no excuse." You can review the current fishing regulations by county and body of water at the DEC's website.


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