Parents who have children who love Legos will love this. Walmart has teamed up with LEGO and are offering a special rate on the 60th Anniversary Bundle for just $5.65.

Walmart is offering Lego sets at 1958 prices on February 3rd, February 7th, and February 11th. On these days you can get the Lego 60th anniversary “bundle” for just $5.65. According to Don't Waste Your Money, the bundle includes a Lego classic creative building set and a sand baseplate.

The creative building set contains 583 pieces in 41 colors! According to the online listing, the sand baseplate is a good starting point for all of your kids’ creations with Legos. It looks like wood floors or a desert!"

They’re also offering a free limited-edition collectible booklet with a purchase of a Lego classic bricks on a roll set. While supplies last, and not at every Walmart.


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