Snowmobile Clubs like the Turin Ridge Riders spend a lot of time making sure Snowmobile trails are safe and ready for the winter, so when a few bad apples spoil a perfectly good trail, Clubs and respectful riders get understandably upset.

The weekend of 12/9/17 brought a bunch of snow to western and northern New York, but in some areas it wasn't enough to ride on without ruining trails and private property.

These are the times where private landowners make the decisions to close down the trails that they generously let riders use.

When a few disrespectful individuals ignore closed trails and then are rude to landowners, it results in what happened in Turin over the weekend.

The Turin ridge Riders Snowmobile Club posted a Facebook update on December 10 that explained how a landowner had closed a trail only to watch a few riders ignore the signs and use the portion of the Route 26 trail anyway.

When the landowner confronted the snowmobilers, the response they got was disrespectful and rude.

So the landowner has closed the trail until further notice.

Here's the post from The Turin Ridge Riders:

The landowner is this case was able to get the registration numbers of the people who ignored the 'closed' signs and report them to the local Sheriff's Office.

It should also be pointed out that this time of the year, snow or not, is hunting season. That means many trails are closed down so riders and hunters don't cross paths.

Nobody wants to take a stray bullet that meant for a deer in the middle of the woods.

So stay off closed trails, respect landowners(private and State), and keep as many trails open for everyone this winter.



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