Rain and high waters on Lake Ontario have caused flooding in the area to become extreme in the past few weeks, even washing away enough of the shoreline to leave a cottage perched on the edge of disaster.

Photographer Bradley P. Smith captured these photos of the cottage on Lake Ontario after days of flooding in the area.

This cottage on the lake, located in Wolcott, NY has been perched close to the water's edge for years, but the high water has caused the shore line to erode in many places.

Thankfully, the cottage had been abandoned for some time before this happened.

Take a look at the photos from Bradley P. Smith Photography:

According to FingerLakes1.com help is on the way.

The newly established Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017 has made funding available to communities that have been affected by flooding, and after these incidents lawmakers in the Lake Ontario area have created and passed legislation that eliminates the 120 day waiting period for those funds.


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