We all know that driving speed should be based on conditions and in snowfall this should obviously be lower than the posted limit, right? Apparently not eough of us possess that common sense because the State Thruway Authority officially posted a lake effect snow speed limit of 55 mph yesterday, down from the 65 that we're used to.

Due to the sudden and always changing nature of CNY weather, the best way for the Authority to notify drivers of a change like this is through those big electronic signs that we see along the Thruway. Keep in mind however that even if you don't see a sign, police have always had the ability to ticket you if they feel that you're going too fast for conditions anyway.

When I was much younger (and a tad riskier) I once timed myself on a long out-of-state trip that normally took 8.5 hours if obeying the posted limits to see how much time I could save by speeding. The truth is that over the duration of that trip while going ten to fifteen miles over the limit as much as possible, I arrived at my destination a measly half-hour early but it sure FELT like it would be a lot more. Of course you don't need to actually break the law to figure this out, just do some math at your desk to see how much time you're actually saving on your basic and far shorter work commute.

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