The state of New York is preparing to assist residents of the North Country and Western New York with a Lake Effect Snow Storm occurring this weekend.

Governor Cuomo directed state agencies and the Thruway Authority to prepare emergency response teams and resources as the Tug Hill area and Western New York prepare of a clipper system to dump a foot or more of snow. Strong winds may produce snow squalls as well making 1 to 2 inches per hour a real possibility.

People who live outside of New York's snow belt always ask, "how do you deal with all that snow?" The answer of course, is with all this equipment. Here's what the state is preparing:

Department of Transportation

  • 3,642 supervisors and operators.
  • 1,612 large plow trucks
  • 177 medium duty trucks with plows
  • 317 large loaders
  • 11 pickups with trucks
  • 40 snow blowers
  • 52 tow plows
  • 31 tracked excavators
  • 42 wheeled excavators
  • 15 tree crew bucket trucks
  • 35 traffic signal trucks 7
  • 9 chippers, 10" (min) capacity

Thruway Authority

  • 692 operators and supervisors
  • 245 large snowplows
  • 103 medium snowplows
  • 10 tow plows
  • 61 loaders
  • more than 123,000 tons of road salt
  • Variable Message Signs

Anyone travelling in the storm areas are warned to be prepared for rapidly changing road conditions. As usual it's not so much the amount of snow, but how rapidly it comes. You can keep up to date with the latest road conditions and forecasts inside the Big Frog 104 app or on our weather page.

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