Ever since Lady Antebellum released a behind-the-scenes clip of their ‘Wanted You More’ music video, we’ve been anxious to see the finished product. Although the initial clip showed us some fiery scenes of lead singer Hillary Scott walking away from a burning piano, it didn’t prepare us for the intensity of the full video.

The artistic clip uses natural elements like sunbeams, empty fields and butterflies combined with shots of a couple in turmoil to reflect the serious nature of the song. By the final verse, the burning piano and an orange glow coming from each band member’s chest times perfectly with the rising melody. Those final scenes indicate just how dramatic the song really is.

In ‘Wanted You More,’ Lady A tells a story that rings true for anyone who has been through a bad breakup. Eventually, everyone has a moment when they realize that they were willing to sacrifice more than their ex. The beauty of that moment of clarity, though, is that then you get to walk away — and that’s what this song and music video are about.

It takes an intense video to capture the essence of this serious power ballad, and Lady A is confident that their director, Noble Jones, made it happen.

“Noble did such a great job of capturing the emotion of this song and used some really cool special effects,” said vocalist Hillary Scott in a statement. “The last scene was crazy…the adrenaline was definitely pumping, I knew I had only one chance to get that shot!”

Watch the clip below to see the crazy scene Scott is talking about. You won’t be disappointed!

Watch the Lady Antebellum ‘Wanted You More’ Video

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