Lady Antebellum‘s lovely, talented and kind-hearted Hillary Scott is doing her part to help others across the world. The singer is working in tandem with a family from Franklin, Tenn. to open a modernized orphanage in Haiti. This is a different, special and revolutionary type of orphanage, as it will be fashioned like a home that serves approximately eight children and will be headed by a mother and father. The aim is to recreate the family model for the children.

The Tennessean reports that couple Missy and Mike Wilson, who have been connected to Haiti for years via ministry efforts, adopted a child from Haiti and plan to expand their family of six yet again with another Haitian adoption. Their humanitarian work attracted the attention of Scott, who has traveled with the family to the earthquake-ravaged country, and is thus committed to providing both financial and emotional support to the family and the goal of launching an orphanage.

“To watch how the Wilson children have adapted, it’s a model we want to take into Haiti,” Scott said in a video that was shown at a press conference for the cause.

The MyLifeSpeaks organization will assist in creating the orphanage in Neply, a small town outside of Port-Au-Prince, which is the country’s capital. The home will be a community center and have the capacity to serve meals to others.

As is the case with their adoptions, the Wilsons don’t want to create just one home. They want to create many. Hopefully, Scott’s involvement help shed more light on their cause and that goal can become a reality.