The coronavirus has really put a wrench in this year for seniors in the class of 2020, but the Central New York community continues to celebrate them and their accomplishments. A group of local musicians recently came together to honor seniors in a music video covering Lady Antebellum's song "Compass."

Sydney Irving, Tom Nitti, Eric Slifka, Luke Hart, Tom Finn and Joe D’Agostino came together to record their take on "Compass." Irving is a junior at Marcellus High School and met with Nitti, a New Hartford native and New York State Trooper, a few weeks ago to start laying down vocals for the project, according to

"We all came together and decided it would be a cool project to do to honor the seniors because it was definitely an unexpected thing that occurred their senior year," Irving told

The music video, produced by Jordan Dziekan of Jeck Media, includes footage of the musicians, along with pictures from seniors at Marcellus High School.

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While Irving and Nitti are both under the same management and have played the same venues before, this was their first time collaborating on a song together. Irving told she has already put out a couple of albums and hopes to release another this fall.

"I just hope to be able to sing my songs, and hopefully people can connect with the songs and maybe I can make a career out of it," Irving told

Nitti and Irving both play guitar and provide vocals for their cover, with Slifka on mandolin, Hart on electric guitar, and Finn and D'Agostino on drums.

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