22-year-old country-soul powerhouse Kree Harrison was safe again on 'American Idol' Thursday night (April 25), winning her way to next week after her performances on Wednesday night met with a decidedly mixed reaction from the judges.

Harrison sang 'It Hurt So Bad' in a soulful, smoky rendition that earned her open criticism from the judges, followed by a duet on Adele's 'Rumor Has It' with fellow contestant Amber Holcomb. She finished strong with a powerful rendition of 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' that brought her back somewhat, but left her destiny in question.

The Texas native has been one of the standout singers on the twelfth season of the iconic reality competition since virtually the moment she first appeared on screen, but two weeks ago she unexpectedly wound up in the bottom two, narrowly escaping elimination. Since then she has struggled to bounce back, turning in performances that have been not quite as energetic or engaging as her best -- though strong enough that Nicki Minaj told her Wednesday that even if she ended up going home this week, she could still go on to record a multi-Platinum album in any genre she chose.

But Harrison won't find that out quite yet. She not only survived, she earned enough votes to land in the top two again -- and as it turned out, in a surprise twist to the show, nobody was eliminated this week. Harrison is positioned well for next week, since this week's votes will be put toward next week's total tally for each contestant -- giving her a nice head start over two of the other contestants.

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