Mother's Day in Central New York can now be cheesy thanks to Kraft. Kraft is looking to fit the bill for Moms for babysitters for Mother's Day weekend.

Kraft is willing to reimburse your cost for a sitter up to $100. How does this even work? Here's what Kraft reports:

Step 1: Get yourself a babysitter on Mother’s Day.

Step 2: On Mother’s Day, come back to this site and submit your receipt and Kraft will cover up to $100 of your babysitter bill."

Just go to Kraft Mother's Day Away and submit your receipt and you might get your babysitter bill covered.

Leave the mothering to someone else and enjoy a day of no meltdowns, no diaper changes and no going to the bathroom with kids pounding on the door. What bliss!"

There is no guarantee you will actually get money back, but it's worth a shot!

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