Kix Brooks has had to pull out of a scheduled show in Jacksonville, Fla. after bursting a vocal cord. Upon hearing the news, his old duet partner Ronnie Dunn graciously stepped in to replace ‘New to This Town’ singer.

A vocal cord bursting sounds like the most gruesome injury a singer could imagine, but our ‘resident medical expert’ insists it’s not that bad (actually, he’s just some old guy we call ‘Doc.’) Adele suffered something similar in October and was forced to cancel a US tour, but returned triumphantly to sing at the Grammy Awards.

Tiny blood vessels can burst due to the strain of singing, our expert says. (OK, he really said “I don’t know, ‘Google’ it and give me back my sandwich.”) It’s not clear how Brooks strained his voice, or if he’ll have to miss further dates. According to his website, his next show is scheduled for April 19 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Kix is having trouble with his voice,” Dunn wrote on his Facebook page. “I got an emergency S.O.S. call from the label to scramble my guys and go sing a show for him tomorrow night in Jacksonville, Florida.”

“Happy to help a brother,” he added later.

Dunn was on vacation when he agreed to fill in for Brooks. The show is a free show for a Jacksonville radio station. All VIP and backstage passes will still be honored.