A warning has just been issued by the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention about the latest health scare. If you find the Kissing Bug aka the Triatomine get to a doctor ASAP.

According to Natural Medicine Team, this bug seems friendly, but it has been known to transmit a parasite named Trypanosoma cruzi. This parasite is extremely deadly once it enters the body.

Chagas disease can cause horrible hearts problem and can lead to death. The symptoms don’t start right away, they start not until two months later from the time the body was in contact with the bug. The symptoms include fever, headaches, enlarged lymph glands, muscle pain, and hard time breathing. These symptoms are similar to a flu making it hard to see find the cause at first.

Here's what happens once the symptoms start occurring:

- The person will also have skin lesions or swelling on the eyelids.

- 10% of the people who have been diagnosed have stated to have digestion problems, and 30% develop cardiac problems.

Make sure to protect your family by using insecticide spray around your home and be sure to keep up with personnel hygiene. You can learn more tips by Clicking Here.



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