Wendi Ward, the aunt of Kevin Ward Jr who was killed while racing in Canandaigua, is opening up. She shared her feelings on the tragic race that ended with Tony Stewart hitting Ward Jr. August 9th, in a letter to USA Today.

'No matter what people think or say, our family does not need others to determine what we feel or know about Kevin Ward Jr.'

Not only did a grand jury decide to not file any charges, the toxicology report showed Ward Jr. was under the influence of marijuana, a fact Wendi didn't think needed to announced.

'Why was the toxicology report even an issue? Seems to me the wrong man was on trial. Tell me why Tony Stewart was not taken in for testing, why his car wasn't impounded.'

The fact Stewart wasn't charged and is back to racing isn't sitting well with Wendi or the Ward family.

'Maybe people react to certain situations because of anger. I've seen it in NASCAR, sports functions and even on our own roads. And yes, these people have to pay for their actions. Well, I guess it depends on who you are.'

Instead of focusing on Stewart, Wendi wanted to put the spotlight on Ward Jr and the impact he made.

'Around 1,500 people came out to support and comfort us on our darkest days. It shows how many hearts and lives he touched. The orange, white and black that was worn in honor of our champion sprint car driver was overwhelming, to say the least.'

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Ward Jr's memory lives on through the racing world.

'The tracks have since honored Kevin Ward Jr. with memorial events, his name in the ESS (Empire Super Sprints) Hall of Fame, and that, to me, is what a person is made of.'

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